Celebrating Earth Day

We want our chocolate to be good for you, but we also want to be kind to our earth. That’s why we choose to plant trees each year as our give-back plan.

Our team and community plant trees, each year a little more than the last, to rehabilitate and restore the habitats of our furry friends. In 2017, we reached a major milestone – a total planting count of 50,000 trees!

Last August 2017, the Pana Chocolate crew turned off the emails and closed our kitchens for a day to plant out new garden beds at Westgate Park, Melbourne – a unique urban nature park and wildlife haven, found right under the Westgate Bridge.

It’s been over 6 months since we helped out, and we’re celebrating this Earth Day with a look at how our plants are thriving! They’ve been regularly weeded, watered and had rubbish removed from around them, with the help of the Friends of Westgate Park volunteers, and the survival rate of the plants are excellent!

The park volunteers will continue to care for these garden beds and have also used funding from Pana Chocolate to revegetate other areas of the park & improve the biodiversity!

News about our next Community Planting Day will be made available soon, we’d love for you to help us!