Caramel Choc Chunk Bliss Balls

Caramel & Chocolate = Bliss. These bliss balls are aptly named. Makes: 15 approx. Time: 15 mins.
1 ½ C Roasted Almonds ½ C Desiccated Coconut ½ C Maple Syrup 1 TB Flax Meal 1 TB Water ½ ts Lacuma Pinch of salt 1 ½ bar Pana Chocolate (Sixty % or Eighty %) ½ ts Coconut Oil, melted

• Place almonds into a food processor and blitz until finely chopped 

• Take half a cup of the almonds and place in a sieve to remove any smaller particles – put aside for garnish in a small bowl

• Pour the rest of the almonds into a large bowl, add coconut, lacuma, flax meal and salt

• Chop up 2 squares of Pana chocolate into small cubes, and add to the bowl

• Add maple syrup and water and massage together with hands to combine

• Evenly divide the mixture into 15 portions, roll into balls and place on a tray and into the fridge

• Melt remaining chocolate in a bowl, over another bowl filled with boiling water, add coconut oil to help it melt to a nice smooth consistency

• Take the bliss balls from out of the fridge, drop a couple into the melted chocolate and use a fork to help coat the ball completely in chocolate

• Remove each bliss ball from the bowl with a fork and tap off any excess chocolate

• Drop into the chopped almonds (prepared earlier) and repeat with the other balls

• Return to the fridge to set