4 years. 50 thousand trees

We’re serious about hand crafting delicious organic chocolate that’s good for you and for the earth. That’s why every year, we plant native trees to rehabilitate and restore habitats for our furry friends. You support our efforts with every purchase.

This year we’ve reached a major milestone – 50,000 trees planted in the ground across Australia in the last 4 years.

The Pana Chocolate team turned off their phones and turned on the out of office to plant trees at Westgate Park in Melbourne. The area was once rich and diverse wetlands, alive with waterbirds, fish and plants that sustained the gathering of the Boon Wurrung and people of the Kulin Nation. However, for much of the 1900’s it was considered a wasteland and dumping ground near Melbourne’s ports. The Friends of Westgate Park have been changing that though, gradually transforming the park into a bushland setting filled with native plants and redeveloping a diverse ecosystem. We loved contributing to this vision, and know the plants will be well cared for, for years to come. Check us out in the video – wind swept & rugged up, we never said it was glamourous.

And then an amazing bunch of our friends and fans joined us in October for our Community Planting Day at Coranderrk in Healesville. Another culturally significant site, Coranderrk was formed in 1863, as a reserve for the Kulin people who had been moved away from Melbourne. It closed in 1924 and endured almost a century of poor land management, though with the support of Wandoon Estate, the land is being rejuvenated on behalf of it’s traditional owners, the Wurundjeri people, and the local species who’ve inhabited the land alongside them.

The natives planted during the Community Planting Day will meet the housing requirements of the Helmeted Honeyeater and Leadbeater’s Possum, who are critically endangered and found in the area.