I’ve forgotten my online login details. What should I do?

Increasing your intensity of typing on the keyboard whilst screaming “chocolate” should offer a short term solution. Or, you can reset your password online by selecting the ‘Reset password’ link on the Account log in page or here. You will then be asked to enter the email address used to setup your account, and a […]

I’m a wholesaler, do I need an account?

If you are an existing wholesale client you may already have a log in for our wholesale website which gives you direct access to your online ordering page and prices. You, therefore, do not need to create an account on this website, instead visit our wholesale website here. Don’t have a wholesale website login? Never […]

Why should I create an account? And how do I sign up?

With an Account you will have Pana Organic at the ready, with 24/7 access to chocolate. Dangerous, but it’s great living on the edge! Create an Account today to enjoy: Be invited to exclusive events, tastings and experiences. Be in-the-know with email updates featuring the latest products and news. Have access to all your past […]